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Mid-sized Businesses Deserve to Be Protected

You don't require a team of cybersecurity experts to have world class protection. Atomicorp makes it easy.

More than 20,000 systems protected

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Top Flight Cybersecurity Protection for Everyone

For too long, cybersecurity vendors have only served large enterprises. They ran after big IT budgets and catered to well staffed cybersecurity teams. Mid-sized businesses don't have either of those. They cannot afford big ticket security software and don't have the expertise to run it anyway. Atomicorp brings a new approach. You can have top flight security that doesn't require constant supervision get it at an affordable price. Take a look.

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An Affordable Cybersecurity Solution

How do you go about getting world class security on a mid-sized business budget? Atomicorp secures your servers, devices and containers using an integrated suite of open source products. These are battle-tested solutions protecting many high-risk government targets that Atomicorp has packages so they are easy to use and easy to afford by everyone.

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We trust our server security to Atomic Secured Linux because it works. We’ve used it for years and it has been essential in keeping dark forces at bay. One of our clients hired a high-profile team to test the security of their site we built and host for them. The attacking team couldn’t even get started until we completely whitelisted all their IPs under Atomic Secured Linux :)We are a programming shop first and a value add hosting company for just our clients. Atomic Secured Linux means we don’t have to worry about a lot of the bad parts of the internet and allows us to focus on client services.

Julian Moffatt, Visual Lizard

Get Advanced, Automated Protection

Atomic Secured Linux solves today's greatest cybersecurity challenges right out of the box.

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Don't Be the Next Victim.

Get the best WAF Rules on the planet.

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Secure Your Docker Containers

Secure Docker Kernels from Atomicorp prevent entire classes of attacks from ever taking hold in your environment.

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