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IoT OEMs Have a New Security Imperative

Secure your IoT devices before they are hacked and before a customer demands action. Atomicorp makes it easy.

More than 20,000 systems protected

University of Alabama

Your Customers Need Security Baked Into Your IoT Products

Network security protections are not enough. There are too many cyber attackers getting access inside enterprise networks and looking for soft targets to compromise. IoT is increasingly a target because it rarely has onboard security protection. Atomicorp Secured IoT kernels offer that protection for the first time. The security is robust and the overhead requirements are low. Just right for IoT.


Since our founding, Secure64 has been focused on providing self-defending DNS products that require no additional protection. The new Secure64 x86 solutions feature a secure Linux kernel that completely eliminates entire classes of vulnerabilities, including buffer overflow attacks and remote code execution. This capability completely neutralizes 93% of critical and 90% of high impact Linux vulnerabilities, greatly reducing the need for customers to drop everything and patch. Additionally, all Secure64 DNS products have powerful built-in protection against high volume DDoS attacks. These security capabilities reduce total cost of ownership because no protective security appliances need to sit in front of our DNS servers.

Dr. Joseph Gersch, CTO, Secure64

Secure Your IoT Devices Today

Atomic Secured IoT Kernel provides robust security for all Linux-based devices. And it’s easy to deploy for both OEMs and enterprise users.

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IoT Kernel Features

The Atomic Secured IoT Kernel can protect a single IoT device or thousands. To learn more, click below.

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