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Unmatched Protection for Every Thing in the Enterprise

Protect the Enterprise from the kernel and application servers to your IoT devices and Docker images

More than 20,000 systems protected

University of Alabama

Comprehensive Protection for Enterprise Assets

Most enterprises have dozens of security solutions installed, but still have growing gaps in their cyber defenses. Atomicorp pioneered using open source components to secure every niche of the enterprise attack surface. From the firewall to your application servers down to the kernel, we've got your back.

We Secure Your Stuff

The only things that enterprises withstand more of than cyber attacks, is pitches from cybersecurity vendors. The question to ask is where are my defenses weak and how can I strengthen them. That is where Atomicorp comes in. We provide proven solutions that stop millions of attacks daily. And, our hardened components protect you from most zero-days automatically.

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We trust our server security to Atomic Secured Linux because it works. We’ve used it for years and it has been essential in keeping dark forces at bay. One of our clients hired a high-profile team to test the security of their site we built and host for them. The attacking team couldn’t even get started until we completely whitelisted all their IPs under Atomic Secured Linux :)We are a programming shop first and a value add hosting company for just our clients. Atomic Secured Linux means we don’t have to worry about a lot of the bad parts of the internet and allows us to focus on client services.

Julian Moffatt, Visual Lizard

Get Advanced, Automated Protection

Atomic Secured Linux solves today's greatest cybersecurity challenges right out of the box.

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Don't Be the Next Victim.

Get the best WAF Rules on the planet.

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Secure Your Docker Containers

Secure Docker Kernels from Atomicorp prevent entire classes of attacks from ever taking hold in your environment.

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