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Integrated Full Stack Protection

Go beyond basic security features. Atomic Secured Linux protects every layer, from the server down to the kernel.

Complete Intrusion Prevention

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) Detects and blocks malicious user and process behavior, automatically repairs system problems, and removes malware infections.
Kernel Intrusion Prevention System (KIPS) Enforces file, network and process level security policies on the system.
Web Application Firewall Protects web applications from attacks, protects search engine ranking, blocks denial of service attacks.
Auto-Learning Role Based Access Control An intelligent and highly secure RBAC system that generates a custom least privilege policy for your entire system. No configuration needed.

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Automatic Protection

Malware/Antispam/Antivirus Enjoy real-time protection from malware, viruses, rootkits, worms, spambots, trojans and other malicious attacks. Suspicious events and processes are promptly stopped and you’re alerted in real time that your system is safe.
Virtual Patching Protects vulnerable applications that cannot be patched immediately
Brute Force Attacks ASL detects and blocks brute force and “low & slow” attacks on the system daemons and web applications, and goes far beyond looking at the htaccess failures.
File, Code and SQL Injection ASL effectively catches and eliminates web comment/referrer spam and unauthorized file uploads, as well as prevents exploitation of application vulnerabilities.
Zero-Day Attacks Unlike other security products, Atomicorp security solutions don’t depend on signatures that require constant updating. We proactively detect and stop entire classes of malicious attacks making Zero Days a thing of the past.


Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Minimum Configuration ASL will work with your existing operating system without replacing any core components.
Installation in Minutes The ASL Installer will walk you through questions to configure itself for your unique needs in a matter of minutes.
Expert Support Our cybersecurity experts are ready to answer any questions, from installation to the best security practices for your business needs.

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