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Features – Atomic Secured IoT Kernel

IoT Devices are Vulnerable

One Image Secures Your IoT Device Atomic Secured IoT Kernels come pre-loaded within your OS images. You need to load an OS anyway. Why not make that image secure?
Protect Devices from Direct Attack Full stack protection against a wide variety of attack techniques.
Protect Devices from Attacks by Other Devices Secure kernel will not allow one IoT device to attack another.
Full Stack Protection Prevent vulnerabilities from Zero Day, watering hole, root kits, buffer overruns, code reuse, return-oriented programming, privilege escalation and other common attack techniques.
Real-time Malware Prevention and Detection The only security solution that includes malware protection for IoT.
Virtual Patching No need to shut down device to implement security patches.
High Performance, Low Overhead Atomic Secured IoT Kernels consume only 1-3% of computing overhead and are bundled with small enough OS images to work in the constrained memory space common to IoT devices.

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Automatic protection

Brute Force Atomic Secured IoT detects and blocks brute force and “low & slow” attacks on the system daemons and web applications, and goes far beyond looking at the htaccess failures.
Malware and Viruses Enjoy real-time protection from malware, viruses, rootkits, worms, spambots, trojans and other malicious attacks. Suspicious events and processes are promptly stopped and you’re alerted in real time that your system is safe.
File, Code, SQL Injection Atomic Secured IoT effectively catches and eliminates web comment/referrer spam and unauthorized file uploads, as well as prevents exploitation of application vulnerabilities.


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