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Features – Atomic Secured Docker

Containers Are Vulnerable

One image secures all containers Atomic Secured Docker comes pre-loaded within your OS image and all containers using that OS are automatically protected.
Protection for Host Server and Containers Protection for the host server that is inherited by all containers on the system.
Contain Attacks to Containers Containers are isolated which prevents break-outs as possible where a container compromise is used to attack other containers.
Inherited Full Stack Protection Prevent vulnerabilities from Zero Day, watering hole, root kits, buffer overruns, code reuse, return-oriented programming, privilege escalation and other common attack techniques.
Real-time Malware Prevention & Detection The only security solution that includes malware protection for containers.
Virtual Patching No need to modify container when updating security patches.
Optional Container Based Installation You can also install Atomic Secured Linux as a container to protect the other containers without changing your chosen OS image.
Supports Cloud and On-prem Installations Atomic Secured Docker comes with the utlimate flexibility. Use with your favorite cloud hosting service by just selecting the Atomic Secured Ubuntu or CentOS OS when you set up your container environments. Or, you can get the images directly from Atomicorp and install in your own on-prem environment.

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Where to Buy

Microsoft Azure Ubuntu, CentOS
Amazon Web Services CentOS, Ubuntu coming soon. Contact me when Ubuntu is available.
OpenShift Coming soon. Contact me when it’s available.
Buy Direct Request direct purchase.
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Platforms Supported

CentOS Launched in 2004, Atomicorp has offered secure CentOS Linux kernels since 2007. Atomic Secured Docker comes pre-installed with your CentOS image and can support CentOS 5, 6, 7.
Ubuntu The largest Linux OS today for IoT and many other appliations, Atomic Secured Docker comes pre-installed with your Ubuntu image and supports Ubuntu 16.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL remains one of the most popular Linux OS images. Atomic Secured Docker supports builds 5, 6, 7. Coming soon to OpenShift.


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